Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By admin

14 thoughts on “10-man paintball madness! First NXL classic 10-man: ICPL”
  1. Lmfao I referee at badlandz right now, mad excited to see you guys this year (;

  2. Love this, us older guys still like to play and complete 😎

  3. This is so awesome, I hope more fields take to this as well. Bring Paintball back to what it used to be and bring a new generation in to continue the sport

  4. I hope more people fields take to promoting woods ball again. Make paintball fun for everybody keep the sport going

  5. It’s about time! Finally bringing old school back. Keep growing the sport everyone! Make it bigger than football. Once you paintball, you will not care about football, baseball, basketball, ex.. I promise you that. Been playing since 2000. What Starts in woods, ends in the woods. Glad it’s back PBall brothers. Keep balling! Peace.

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