Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

My first trip to NPF for the Generation Kill event was a absolute blast!
My first real test of sniping using my custom K98 Hammer 7, never have I had so much fun looking at unsuspecting players through a scope! and certainly a change from my mid range engagements with the TMC.

Hope you guys love this video as much as I do, as I really really enjoyed making it, filming it and trying to make the best content I can to bring Magfed into the forefront of the wold of paintball.

But hey, I can only do so much, if you like the video, please feel free to tell me so, and even better, if you DON’T like the video, tell me why? as improving my craft is the way forward to creating better and more entertaining videos for you.

Much appreciated!


P.s. I’d like to thank Jug The sniper (link below) for providing the gift of love with his box of first strikes for me to use, I hope I did you proud man! x




DrRush ►
Black Templar ►
Ranger Shawcross ►
Biergoose ►
Kingfisher UK ►
Jug The Sniper ►
Gaffz ►


Thumbnail Original Photo by Soho52

Track 1 ►’The Hyperborean Menace’ by Machinimasound 2010
Track 2 ►’Beyond the Stars’ by Machinimasound 2010
Track 3 ►’Incursion’ by Machinimasound 2009
Track 4 ►’The Hair and The Hoodie’ Vibe 5 by Gabe Gallucci & Chris Hau


Thank you for your continued support for this channel and my content, i’m trying with every possible ounce to create footage never before seen in the 3rd Person and would like to count on you all to help share this wonderful sport we all love, especially in 3rd Person! Thank YOU!

46 thoughts on “1942 German Made Kar98 Converted to Paintball Gun – Counter Sniper Mission”
  1. A cracking video as always Aartwood and my word you have really got the hang of your Hammer seven some amazing shots. Really wish I’d been able to come and play at that event looks like a brilliant place to play. Looking forward to more videos from you as always. 😍🤘🏻👍🏻

    1. Martin Brunning thanks buddy! Hopefully didn’t make your head spin too much watching it 😉 was a Great event, and very central so soon as your better we will have you there 100%! ✊🏻

  2. we need more video like this I love this, I’m so happy to see this K98 gameplay I remember seeing it on you’re IG and waiting for a video. GREAT WORK!!

    1. Robert J. Artlife my team mate who’s far better at machining than I am did the hard bit for me. I merely rusted it all up to make it look nice and old and worn 😉

    2. @Aartwood great work! I always dreamed of a k98 for paintball but see a lot of people took that ideas first so I going for a gewehr.m95 when I get my hammer 7 … One day lol

    3. Robert J. Artlife think first strike are bringing out a bolt action sniper at some point too, I’ve got an umarex shotgun on order so wonder how well that could be modded given how super simple it is 🤔

    4. Robert J. Artlife too right buddy! It will be a side arm to my side arm 😂

  3. Nice …switching over to FSR & Hammer 7 ..Great Vid as always

    1. REDMAN’s MAGFED Games no switching over completely though! I’d be bankrupt with a year playing like this! 😆 but good to mix it up a bit, glad you enjoyed buddy! ✊🏻

    1. WoundedBeeKeeper a modded 98 custom yeah! And it was as awesome as it sounds! 🤣

    1. Scarecrow Paintball man of few words but you certainly make each one count 😘 thanks pal!

  4. Awsome video man, thats some serious quality stuff you do there, you deserve more subs!

    1. JONES thanks buddy! This is certainly one of my favourite videos I’ve made! So pleased you enjoy, hopefully can inspire some of your future videos 😀

  5. Please tell us you have a recording of the build of the hammer 7 🤟🏼 would be a great video

    1. Richard Rounce no worries buddy, keep me posted how you get on. And thank you for your time watching my videos, very very much appreciated 🙂

  6. i love urban and getting up close to people while I keep them busy I rely on my fellow team sniper to cover me from range as the  rest of my teams front men are with me

    1. Messimagician83 hammer 7’s are super rare I’m afraid. uk and the world included 🙁

  7. YEAH! you have the same barrel as me! the Lapco FSR barrel is super underrated, AND with the HUSH Shot!? SEXY!!! Only thing that would make it better is a non standard muzzle break. but the bird cage is classic.

    1. Novagunner lol thanks buddy! The flash hider but at the front was one a friend had passed onto me as I didn’t have one, but your totally right, the barrel is fantastically accurate, providing the scope is zero’d in of course 😉

    2. @Aartwood you can buy any lapco barrel tip and it will fit on that, it’s the same thread as hammerhead barrel tips aswell.

    3. Novagunner it’s currently mounted on my living room wall at the moment much like a museum trophy piece 😂
      Sniper is great fun, but I’m more of a see the whites of their eyes style player I think lol

    1. Fantaco ohhhh lol apologies! It’s simply a hammer 7 built into s genuine K98 wooden rifle stock. The stocks are probably less rare than the hammer 7 itself lol

    2. Aartwood sounds dope is there a tutorial anywhere or am i going to have to make this a project on the side
      ( my fault for all the questions I’m just really into that gun )

    3. Fantaco there’s a hammer 7 owners group on Facebook and has lots of inspiration and ideas on how to fit one into a stock. Best way is with a dremel and lots of patience 😉

    1. CelticLad32 my head won’t fit into my mask with comments like that pal 😂 but thank you! This also happens to be my all time favourite video I’ve made too, so you have good taste lol much love! #paintballstrong

    2. @Aartwood Well we can’t have that now can we ?!?!?!?! 😅😂😅 lol …. All joking aside, your vids are a blast to watch and i am always excited to see a new one pop up … Like i said before i subscribe to a few youtube paintballers cause of their style of play, vid and their love for this awesome sport … Now i am not trying to blow HPA thru your marker … But you are in a select group of paintballers i like and watch, i rank you up there with thewolfden, nightmarePB, hiddenhedgehog, albasterslim and barker of paintball shenanigans…. Cause you all help remind me why i play.

    3. CelticLad32 thanks so much buddy! And a grand list you have there too! I’d also highly recommend “black Templar Pb” “JONES” “Drrush” “biergoose” and also “yellowguy” for more awesome creative videos 😘 you’ll also be happy to know I’m currently editing a new video! Though only a minute into this one! So watch this space lol

    4. @Aartwood thx for the recs … Will definitely check them out ….Came across the yellow guy’s page a week ago … Great vids … Can’t wait to see the new vid

    1. Heya Tyler buddy thank you ever so much for the kind words! Very awesome if you to do so! 💪 really pleased you enjoyed the video 😀

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