Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Shane

19 thoughts on “2019 SuperGame 52 Oregon Scenario Paintball Video”
    1. Points. Whatever team has the most at the end of that day, wins for that day

    2. It was a one hour objective . Whenever you took a base your team had 1 minute to get as many people as they can into that base for each person =1 bead . At the end of that our they collected all the beads from each side and added them up for team points

    1. I’m a huge fan of u bro. Ur one of the best and OG players out there.

  1. This was such a amazing experience for me had a great time met some great people

  2. I still can’t believe I missed out on this event… BC to Oregon would have been such a CHEAP flight too!!
    AGH! 😩

    1. Come next year Nightmare, it would be amazing to get to play with you! SG52 was my first one, can’t wait for next year and actually going all 3 days!

  3. My first time to SG after so many years of watching clips and wanting to go… I have to say ill be coming back every year from now on! Such an amazing time with good people! Shoutout to all the refs, volunteers, sponsors, and the whole crew who worked extremely hard for putting on this amazing event. Cant wait till next year!

  4. This event is every year if you missed out plan ahead. Less than a year to go. Look at all those old fuckers.

  5. Gonna be my first time going since its about 2hours from where i live this year

    1. See you then brother we are about the same drive Clatskanie Oregon, go blue team!

  6. 2:05 can someone tell me what he is wearing on his mask and how I can get it

  7. I really like paintball N my first time is on my channel..(last sunday).
    I’m pretty sure I would pop internally outward.
    If to attend this fine event😁😁💥💢❤💢💥💫

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