Sat. Dec 4th, 2021
32 thoughts on “2021 NXL World Cup Pro Paintball Final Thoughts”
  1. Me and My team (Brevard Buccaneers) totally appreciate the videos and what you do for the industry! Seeing you guys play was awesome. Let me know what I can do to get you out to Hog Wild on a Sunday for a Moral day for the guys we would love to get some pointers.

  2. I totally agree if you have a ID should def b able to watch for free. I don’t go n watch bc I’m broke af from just playing.

  3. I absolutely believe that they won’t go away because of the location. I actually got to talk to someone on the killers about how they got into tournament paintball and he said that he was security at a world cup, had no idea what tournament paintball was and got hooked. Met a few people that got into the tournament side from going to NXL events having no idea of tournament paintball.

  4. My apt was right behind the venue so it was perfect lol prefer this venue location rather than driving to polk city during the psp era

  5. Heyy greg really nice event
    I said hi while u were running .

    I Bought a grandstand wristband for sunday cause we thought we wouldnt play sunday xd

    We ended up playing
    So yeah nxl should make players be able to go in the grandstand for free or make a package for it while paying for id

    Saw u guys play
    Personally i thought this was the best u guys ever played so really nice
    So yeahh Have a nice day.

    Ps. Keep making tips video

  6. I would agree that the bunkers being replaced every year or two would hurt the fields, but am I wrong in thinking that we have had the same set for 4 years now? 2018 was the first year they came out? $1000 every 4 years doesn’t seem outrageous to me.

    1. @How To Play Paintball I’m only partially right. I forgot that 2020 was covid and not really a full season. So 3 seasons really. But even so, I found the layouts a bit tired near the end. I’m looking forward to a little change.

    2. @How To Play Paintball congrats on making Sunday by the way. Been following you and the team for a while. Great to see you guys have success!

  7. Sorry I was a bit out of it when I came up to chat with you at the Virtue booth as I was a bit overwhelmed by all of it and a bit dehydrated LOL. Congrats on making it to Sunday and a great match with Aftermath. Enjoy your videos as always, keep up the good work! The content creators table was a super cool idea!

  8. Y’all make Sunday and didn’t get relegated… that’s all I cared the whole weekend and that’s what i look forward to next year. I love the underdog.

  9. I got to watch you guys play in chicago against dynasty I believe. You guys are getting better every year, keep it up. You’re getting there.

  10. Awesome video Greg. This was my first world cup! First year of playing paintball. And I am so happy I was able to watch and cheer on my MLKings at cup. Saturdays game against New York was so awesome. It was the only game I went to watch! You and Connor are my all time favorites and I’m glad I could witness such a day. As far as the hurricanes, my honest hope was for blastcamp to pull through. But the hurricanes have a very aggressive and hungry roster. They proved themselves and will definitely be coming in guns rolling this 2022 year!. I look forward to your announcement next video. See ya next year in your pits hopefully 😉.

  11. Congrats on Sunday, you guys deserved to be there.

    Also wanted to note that you handled yourself like a professional when Heat overshot you to the max, props on just shrugging it off.

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