Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

So… Who brought the Doritos?

Doug and Keegan want to help you get ready for your first paintball tournament! We did our best to give you the best 5 essentials to get you started, but feel free to comment and ask any questions you have!

To get everything you need to play paintball, use the link below and shop at Punishers Paintball!

30 thoughts on “5 Things to Know Before Your First Paintball Tournament I How to Get Ready for Paintball Tournaments”
  1. Bring gator/powerade, so you replenish your electrolytes. I went to a tournament in 2006 where I only drank water and I almost died from my body eating its own muscles to sustain itself. My body was eating its own muscles, such as the kidneys, heart and liver to replenish what was flushed out from the water. It was like a charlie horse x3 that locked up my limb for an hour at a time – I don’t wish that pain on anyone.

    1. @Punishers Paintball Mexico imports adult Pedialyte it works amazing & they have over dozen flavors I recommend it on the rocks

    1. Trying every day to get more from the manufacturers bro! These times are tough but we’re doing our best ☠️

    2. @miguel mendez virtue has just a couple on their website. They have the black, graphic black, and black 280.

  2. I just got a 2021 VIP card @ my local field I get to skip all the lines & my own private parking/campsite right next to the field ! Because of C-19 it was hundred off :-} cant wait for this summer !

    1. @Punishers Paintball Do you guys have VIP ID cards, around your area ? only 1 of 3 of our fields in South East Michigan have them

    1. @Punishers Paintball too rich for me but maybe someday! rocking an empire axe pro with freak kit for now.

  3. What if, instead of spending 200$ on pods, I roll up with the same 6 pods I’ve had for years *but* I’m rocking some sick push unites in black sandana?

    1. Steve, I don’t know you but we’re friends now. Philly and its surrounding areas REPRESENT 🤘🏻

  4. Chronograph your gun a bit low early in the morning, as it gets warmer the paint will swell and your velocity will increase. Don’t try to set it to 295 ish and be popping off 300 plus when you’re walking on the field.

  5. Hey guys. I’m headed into my first speedball tournament in October , abs I have my first clinic being put on by the red legion in September . Thank you guys for this. It’s hard to find explanations for speedball. I greatly appreciate it!

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