Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

I met up with JAKE from Team Insanity and discussed 7 reasons why Paintball is better than airsoft. These are objective reasons rather than personal opinions.

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17 thoughts on “7 REASONS WHY PAINTBALL IS BETTER THAN AIRSOFT – Ft Jake from Team Insanity”
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  1. Not that many people in paintball go shooting kids 8 times but airside adults don’t really care about the kids

  2. My dad got scammed trying to get me my emek 100 for mech games and he went all out started following this guy found this scammers account over and over again and he got a couple other paintball buddies and destroyed this guys dreams of being a scammer. dont worry i caught the emek 100 in the end.

  3. I haven’t play Airsoft of paintball. I would rather play Airsoft since of the gun variety and the freedom to play in more places. For example if you and your friends is a t a park alone you could be able to play since some may considered paintball as vandalism. No disrespect but that’s just my opinion. However, I havent seen anybody getting mag dumped ro whatever is called in paintball.

  4. 1:28  this is BS I got scammed out of a paintball gun nothing my friend got scammed off of it airsoft gun nothing plot twist nobody gives a shit they’re both sports just deal with it if you want some thing more fast-paced you can play paintball or you could do speed Softing or of course you can do mill Sims which are not as immersive inside of paintball as in airsoft but are still good this video kind of pisses me off because you guys are trying to put a different community down in this makes me not want to play paintball at all and just play airsoft Because I have not seen one airsoft player ever slander paintball by making a whole video about it and using such pity points as a part of the paintball community I think most of us are too far up our own ass and should learn to respect sports such as airsoft because don’t act like people can’t cheat inside of paintball and don’t act like paintball guns look cooler and do not absolutely do not try and say airsoft is for poor people because they don’t need to spend $50 per magazine don’t get me started on you guys talking about physical presence they are literally the same sport with two different projectiles also I spoke to my friend an airsoft does have a ranking system inside of speed QB which of tournaments for speedsofters and there’s no difference in between the play of an airsoft player and a paintball player so shut the fuck up I’m sick of every single paintball or trying to sound better than airsoft because let’s be honest airsoft was here first if it wasn’t for airsoft paintball wouldn’t be a thing sometimes I’m really ashamed to be a part of this community and I wish I got into airsoft… from a member of the paintball community

  5. This video should literally be called white paint is better than plastic because that is the only difference throughout this whole video they’re just trying to slander airsoft players. sometimes I really hate being a part of this community

  6. As an Airsoft player I can agree with a lot of this, but the fact that you guys have real life skill based match making

  7. we used to have bb wars in the winter, put on some big heavy duty coats and grab the red rider bb guns and hope you don’t get shot in the face

  8. Thank GOD paintball is more expensive. I don’t want to be playing with fat whiny little kids. Or even GROWN ASS men playing with orange tipped toys who are single and bitter.

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