Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

In this video I discuss some techniques for how to improve your Rec Room Paintball game! I’ve played quite a bit of Paintball and have picked up quite a few tricks along the way.
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0:16 – Use natural barriers
1:10 – There’s no need to take everyone out
1:53 – Always carry two guns
2:31 – Never stop moving!!
2:58 – Avoid moving in straight paths
3:56 – Turn your volume up
4:48 – Pick up enemy grenades

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14 thoughts on “7 Tips to Help You DOMINATE in REC ROOM PAINTBALL”
  1. The best strategy for CTF is to have one friend go in and slaughter the enemy spawn and while they’re too busy trying to survive the massacre you go in and grab the flag, the other guy covers the run back, and repeat.

  2. I always get about 20-22 hits a game with a sniper and secondary wepoqn such as a shotgun or pistol

  3. My tip is to not use teleport. Not because people will say you’re hacking, but because the smallest bit of lag can ruin your day.

  4. Im the kind of player who gets around 10-15 kills per game and I can already see myself using these tips and getting better

  5. Dude I am subscribing because I played paintball after and I went from 15 kills a game to 30 kils a game your amazing

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