Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

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It’s bad enough getting hit by a paint ball, it’s all out ARMOURGEDDON when you get hit by a paintball fired from a TANK.

Tank paintball lets boys thunder around the countryside in upscaled models of their toy tanks and fire massive paintballs at each other.

Armourgeddon is the only Tank Painballing site in the UK and is perfect for those who want a taste of life on the frontline from the comfort of the English countryside.

Chris Ball, who used to work on tanks in the armed forces, said: “You get to shoot giant paintballs at other tanks, everyone gets a go a driving and you get taught how to drive an ex british army tank.

“The cannon is powered with air pressure and we have a total of 15 tanks ready for action which each holding a crew of three.

“We also have a huge museum which holds loads of army vehicles and accessories for people to take a look at.

Costing £95 and with no driving licence required, anyone aged 16 and over can see what it’s like to become a tank commander.

The beautifully restored tanks are equipped with a huge 40mm cannon and despite weighing 15 tonnes they can reach speeds of more than 30mph.

During testing the monster machines managed to punch a paintball through two windows of a side on Ford Fiesta.

The tanks use a specially adapted firing mechanism allowing ping pong sized paintballs to launch out of the barrel with deadly accuracy up to half a mile.

“We’ve been running tank paintball for the last decade here and we have even had celebrities such as David Hasslehoff coming down to try their hand at it.

“It’s a really good day and you can always go down the pub and get tanked up afterwards!

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By Reita

14 thoughts on “A Paintball Tank Separates The Boys from Men”
  1. It would’ve been better if they had a paintball machine gunner on top

  2. if anything, I would use heavier balls with a weaker casing, just as much pain, but way for effective

  3. To all those who post comments like “needs a bigger gun”, or “now make some AP shells for it”, or “let’s use it against infantry”, please stop and consider.
    If you will only be satisfied once somebody has suffered grievous bodily harm, maybe you have some issues.

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