Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

🔽 Description 🔽
In this video I showed Anime Rifle and Anime Sniper. At the moment they are only available for pre-release and their price may change.
Roblox username: MrFlorgi
Useful links:
Roblox profile:
Main Big Paintball:
Pre-release Big Paintball:
Yasumu – Unfold Stories
Tibeauthetraveler – bloom ft. Krynoze
ocha – It’s Going to Be a Good Day
S N U G – Equinox

By Lilliam

23 thoughts on “Anime Pack – In the next update (Roblox Big Paintball)”
  1. I’m not sure if I could get the candy cane sniper today then get the anime sniper after a week, or just completely skip the candy cane sniper

  2. hey dude can you make a turtorial on the basic mechanics of climbing like all the tricks to do jumps.

  3. i didn’t like the gun at first but it’s growing on me now. love the bullets but the noise is still too loud.

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