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Answering Your Paintball Questions | Paintball AMA | Ask Us Anything
You asked your questions in our Ask Us Anything Facebook group and Mark and Fitz are answering. If you want to ask us something head over to

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00:00 Intro
00:41 Anyone used Klarma to purchase from the online store? What was your experience?
01:31 How often do you guys (Lone Wolf crew) get to play?
02:34 What are the best gravity fed hoppers?
03:32 I was thinking about getting a barrel kit for my 170r. I’ve been looking at the PE FL kit, The HK LAZR, or the Freak XL. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should get?
05:45 Do the rifle barrels for the first strike rounds affect the round balls making them curve.
06:11 When playing Speedball on turf which do you prefer?
07:10 I’m trying to buy a new lens for my dye i5 patriot but can’t seem to find the right color. What colors would you recommend?
08:43 Where can I get a custom paint job on my paintball gun?
09:31 Who makes the least constricted/bulky , most comfortable forearm pads ?
10:36 Blow back markers, will it make a big or small difference if you run a secondary regulator, like on a Tippmann or even a Spyder, if you are using an hpa tank?
11:59 Trying to get my 8 year son into the sport looking for some youth gear. Also, what guns do you recommend that would be nice and light for him.
14:21 Just curious about the efficiency of the ultimate emek, Have you tried it?
15:50 Are white spire 3’s rare?
16:44 Is there ever gonna be a HK ARMY SHOCKER AMP?
17:22 What are some good small cameras to put on my Shocker? I already have a GoPro on my mask.
20:01 Hey! Just picked up the Shocker Amp and wanted to know what custom barrels you guys would recommend?
21:11 As I’m looking at backup paintball guns, what would you guys recommend?
22:47 Just purchased a Inception Designs body kit at the World Cup. Will my old PAL feedneck work on that body?
23:47 What is the best starter gun for speedball in the $400-$500  range?
24:20 When are ya getting the grillz 2.0?
24:40 Closing

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  1. The original Dji osmo action is a great alternative to the gopros and theyre only $200$
    They made a osmo action 2 thats gopro session sized but those are more expensive.
    I love my osmo action 1

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