Thu. May 26th, 2022
26 thoughts on “APX Precision Paintball Test”
  1. Stuff looks really quite fragile. I kinda want to test this with my Lv 10 Bolt equipped E-mag.

  2. i am really hoping to eventually see you do a warp feed review some day. you know, for old times sake lol

  3. I binge ur content like crazy ngl, prob watched every single one of your videos 20 times
    Huge fan of you lol

    1. IAm Nani that’s grossly over simplified. Paintballs come in different levels of quality

  4. APX use to be really good paint 10 years ago. Now it’s way too light and at .679 it loses accuracy and distance noticeably. I was pretty disappointed. It’s only redeeming quality is the shell.

  5. I like the idea of showing how it does against brush vs just a flat surface. Brush seems to be a more interested thing to zoom in.

    1. I tried to pic a spot where I’d be able to tell if balls could make it through light brush, but this stuff is so brittle there was no chance of anything getting through. You can play the video at 50 or 25% speed during the splatter cam and see that any ball that makes contact with a twig broke.

  6. Qmto, I’m debating picking up a blitz 3 but I hear super bad things. Can you shed some light ❤️?

    1. paintballfuego I think I’ve shot it with my Cronus with no breaks, but I might’ve gotten another type of APX paint.

  7. Bro what is up with that hopper you have like 4 of them I’ve dont ever see it new not with the body

    1. @qmto do they still have some and do they have a pro shop where i can buy it online?

  8. Ugh my local field has switched to APX paint, its awful. Bores out at like .669-.671. It is completely unuseable in my closed bolt guns. Even with barrel widgits in a .680 my PPS blazer was rollout city every other shot and a consistent velocity was impossible to achieve. Shoots okay out of a .675 freak insert on modern guns but i dont wanna use a freaking shocker to play rec ball.

    1. Yeah I’ve had good and bad experiences with them. During the winter we bought a case that the balls were literally stuck together, the bags were like bricks. Hit and miss for sure. Just so happened these ones were good. How paint is stored and shipped is a big factor too.

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