Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

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It’s the off season so now it’s time to put in work for the next season! These are a couple drills you can do at home that require NO paint whatsoever so you can save money while also improving. This will be the first of a few videos to give you some ideas.

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How To Play Paintball
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By Doloris

23 thoughts on “At Home Paintball Drills – Part 1”
  1. Love your videos dude! I just picked up your autographed xts from TMG! Its my first gun ever, i just started. Thank you for all the tips. The Artemis is in good hands lol

  2. Just curious, why wouldn’t you just go play paintball? If your shot is crap none of this matters. Play more paintball, not crab walking in ur backyard. Lol JK

    1. @How To Play Paintball 👍👍💯
      Definitely would much rather do this than get on a treadmill or stationary bike. I practice snap shots in my living room with reballs. Keep up the good work brother.

    1. There are other videos with actual shooting drills as well you could check out 👍

  3. Great advice and content as always Greg! I got to see you interact with some kids first hand at the Virginia Invitational, and you’re truly a class act.

  4. Thank you bro you inspired me to run drills and get used to wearing and getting comfortable running in my gear thank you so much its making a huge difference in my life…

  5. Just got back to paintball after 2 years break (just played around 10 trainings before so noob as fk) so this videos will help me! Thanks for putting your time and effort into this!

  6. The first exercise will strengthen your hip abductors but it won’t help your speed. Lateral hops would be a more appropriate exercise. The second exercise is ok the third was pretty good. SAQ training is good for paintball just remember to program your routine to make sense. Not trying to dismantle your video but I’m a fitness professional so I had to pick at it a little.

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