Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Tony goes over his pick for the best value for the money tournament paintball package. This is the best bang for your buck. This setup should last you years. Get yours here:

Shocker XLS:
Spire III:
Ninja SL2 77/4500:
Dye I5:

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By Shane

15 thoughts on “Best Bang for Your Buck Tournament Paintball Setup | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan”
  1. I got a much much better one. Ninja SL1, die LTR, and empire Ax pro for a little over a thousand is a way better setup than this at least for the price which is the whole point.

  2. Not gonna lie, I’m really sad to see nobody watching my most recent doc 🙁

    Do you guys have any feedback for me? Was it just a poorly done video?

    Edit: Thanks for some of the feedback guys. I can understand for those of you just not interested in LoL content anymore, it’s just frustrating to constantly see all the other LoL youtubers do so much better in viewership than me when I feel like I’m putting in just as much effort as anyone else. I just wanna understand how I can improve and get to the level of being a real person

  3. around 2:40
    “We are always on stock-”

    checks website to buy a bunch of gear, “Where the heck is everything?”
    Don’t worry this is not a hate comment it is just an experience that I had.

  4. I still have airgun design automag mini mag still works to this day never let me down but will get a orignal autococker.

  5. Decided to give spire a chance, I’ve been using rotors/ prophecy for the last 10 years. Used the spire once, found out it had a defected board and it was the biggest buzz kill ever. 2/10 never would waste my money on it again. I’m literally giving it away for free. I wouldn’t charge anyone for it. Don’t get me wrong though it looks nice and has a very sharp look, but thats not enough for me to keep me interested lol.

  6. It’s is important to go in detail about the financing because in almost every video I watched you say how expensive the sport /equipment is but you guy brushed it off so nonchalantly😔can you do a video on that, in detail just like you do with equipment,even though the company that is financing is getting a cut doesn’t mean that its not important. for some, this is the fastest way to get into the sport w/o breaking the bank all at once! who know you might even find out something you didn’t know.i subscribed to this channel b/c of the way you guys explain and ask the questions that we want to know. And you can be one of the 1st if not the first to go into detail about financing for paintballing it will be a top 5 video on your channel if done correctly 😊

  7. “Always in stock” that’s a fat cap all the stuff I’ve been trying to get from y’all is never in stock

  8. yall are never in stock thats why ans gear is leading over you cuz they always have what were looking for in stock i try to order from u guys every time i can but u dont have any stock

  9. love to see him slam that virtue spire 3 together only to politely squeeze it closed afterwards lmao

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