Sun. Jan 16th, 2022
25 thoughts on “Best Beginner Paintball Gear Package under $350 | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan”
  1. What gun would you choose for a new marker for your 1st tournament? Axe 2.0, Etha 2 or Clone 5? These are in my budget.

    1. If you have a gun that can be set within the rules like nxl. Just use that gun until you get hands on exposure to other guns. The guys at tourneys usaully have high-end guns for sale and cheap.

    2. @Dustin Fromm so you think I should save my $500 budget for a used gun at the tournament? I’m running a mini with a 68/4500 and Lvl loader.

    3. @Valentin Pineda Minis are good if it’s a gs it’s super solid, I’m currently using a cs2 and own a mini and etha2. The mini is going to another teammate. My team plays D5 open so we get stiff comp like the Naughty Dogs, uprising and thunder. The mini is plenty good to hang on the turf.

  2. I would not get cronus as of now. Wait a few months the new tippmann stomer comes out and for like 40 bucks more you will have hopper and mag feed as a option in one paintball marker

    1. Never happen. At least not with new stuff that we believe in enough to recommend.

  3. I have found a tippman tmc for $200 and I would say go that just bc it is a great gun and yea it is a little more but it is worth it.

  4. Having played paintball for some 25+ years no truer statement can be said about the goggles from the beginning I have been wearing JT Spectre is the kind of hard to find nowadays but I just feel more comfortable with the hard chain of the pro flex is what is being used nowadays thanks guys this was a good video

  5. Kinda bad advice being that electric hoppers require players to play intermediate only not beginners in most fields lol

    1. Every field I’ve been to I could walk on with a shocker or a Cronus and still play against the same rental/speedball guys if I wanted

  6. What about that new Azodin Kaos III. It works well, has cocker threaded barrel, and way easier to upkeep than that Tippmann?

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