Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

The BEST Paintball Fails & Funny Moments submitted by viewers!

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By Reita

23 thoughts on “BEST Paintball Fails & Funny Moments #2”
  1. At like, 5:40 mans got his hopper on wrong, probably better to play with the cap facing the player.

  2. I’m so bad at paintball, the first 5 seconds in we stepped in the arena I already slid on a rock lol

    1. It’s a UK thing. They play where bounces count as hits so color isn’t really needed.

    2. @Nightmare PB whoa. So they literally took the paint out of “paintball”.

    3. @Nightmare PB not all paintball sites in the UK use clear balls, just like not all sites in the US and europe use coloured balls.

      some sites prefer clear shots, some players prefer clear shots, its all down to personal particulars xD

  3. Im about to go paintballing soon so i watch these videos to kinda learn from other peoples mistakes

    1. cant tell if he is laughing so hard he’s crying or crying so hard he’s laughingl… xD

  4. That last one was the most funny to me everyone around me though I was crazy or something

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