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Best Paintball Gun Package Under $1000 | Shocker XLS | 2020

—best paintball gun packages—
Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank w/Adjustable Regulator

Virtue Spire Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

Shocker XLS

Color matched freak XL with All American ported barrel tip, .687 insert, and quick threaded autococker threaded back.
XLS Optimized Performance – Increased internal volume reduces overall operating pressure to 145psi. Flow optimized regulator internals offer faster recharge and easier maintenance.
XLS Refined Ergonomics – The extended platform offers improved ergonomics, increasing the overall length and spacing of the grip frame and regulator. Factory fit regulator grip included as standard.
XLS Trigger System Refinements – Reshaped trigger guard offers greater comfort and space. Simplified trigger mounting maintains trigger feel, and makes maintenance easier.
XLS Air Source Adapter Redesign – Redesigned with player feedback, the new XLS air source adapter has a recessed knob for greater grip and deeper grooves for easier manipulation.
XLS Upgraded Hardware – Feed tube thumb wheel included as standard. Larger hardware in frequent use areas increases hardware life.
Sealed Power – Improvements made to the OLED screen cover increase water/debris resistance. Night Hawk Bros Affiliate Links:

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22 thoughts on “Best Paintball Gun Package Under $1000 | Shocker XLS | 2020”
    1. Quinn Nadu When this blows over I really want to start doing more paintball videos… Like old times!!

    1. I noticed every time I filled the tank with the ASA turned on the gun would start leaking from the rear…

      Keep in mind that was around March and April so it was a little colder here in Pennsylvania.

  1. I went with a similar setup. Shocker XLS, ninja CF tank, and spire ir with the bunkering NTR speed feed which fits as advertised but for me it was a bit hard to get it so close down. Had to take the upper part of the spire off to compress the speed feed to fully latch down

    1. I’d start by looking in some Facebook groups, But it all depends on where you live. I’m in Southeast Pennsylvania so we have a few major fields about an hour away.

  2. Just found this ended up getting refurbished purp shocker amp from lone wolf 800$, spire ir green blk new eBay 70$
    Ninja tank 68/4500 140$ New, I used coupon and pts for tank

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