Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

By Carrol

15 thoughts on “*BIG MISTAKE* in Roblox BIG PAINTBALL!!”
  1. Liink : with The Time there will be more and more ppl
    The server : 3…2..1.. Full

  2. im such a big fan and i want tou to knoiw im your biggest fan and i would really apreaiate if everyone went and subscribed to her

  3. Im kinda a starter my best gun is flame gun “(not counting money gun)”

  4. which sheet mistakes you are getting plaenty tags you re sying mistake which stupidd mistakes you are getting 2m tags in one match you areblaunching 300 nukes fool

  5. peaple like accoutboy is stupid also its lunaz they are stupid and opul robox username they are mean in bigpaintball

  6. your a lvl 100 but has all the guns i am aslo a lvl 100 but i dont have half the guns

  7. How do you change your crosshair into a circle instead of a cross? I have been so confused and want to change it now since all the pros are using it.

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