Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

In this video, Blastcamp (3-0) takes on Wolfpack (2-0-1) on Friday at 2021 NXL World Cup. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more vlogs and paintball content!

Thank you to Ry Guy Media for the footage in this video! Sub to his channel right here!

Ry Guy Media

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By Reita

11 thoughts on “Blastcamp vs Wolfpack || 2021 NXL World Cup Semi-Pro Raw Footage”
  1. That snake move by wolf pack was weird af, also that dorito run down was a violation 😭

  2. Preety good match man keep up the hard work next year hope to play you guys in the pro division soon

  3. hmm. 11:18. Street justice for the “spin” but what was the actual call on the field? I saw the flag but was it for overshooting the player or for the spin? 24 clearly had him dead to rights so why not just let him get the major for shooting him after the spin instead of potentially taking his own penalty as well?

    Good match!

    1. A major penalty for overshooting and minor for pit talking was assessed but then taken away, which was why we played 5 on 5 the next point

  4. Reff throws a yellow and pulls 2… πŸ€” let’s go over basics with theses refs before the next nxl event please πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  5. Hard fought match. Pack is a good team but yall could stomp them anyday of the week if you wanted to. Penalties always hurt and plans sometimes fall apart. Still a great watch though!

  6. Just found this channel and have been binge watching! Thanks for all the videos and glad to see paintball is still being played at this level. We are losing fields here in Georgia but a few are still around.

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