Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Cheap to Expensive Paintball Gear | Paintball Packages for Every Budget
Tony shows 4 different packages at increasing price points to show their are packages available not matter your budget. Brows all our packages here:

PB Swag Bag
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00:00 Intro
00:23 PB Swag Bag
00:57 HK Army Sabr Package $220
01:50 Empire Mini GS Package $550
03:46 Shocker AMP Package $1,550
06:32 Dye M3+ Package $2,175
08:48 More Packages Available
09:38 Closing

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By Mack

8 thoughts on “Cheap to Expensive Paintball Gear | Paintball Packages for Every Budget | Lone Wolf Paintball MI”
  1. I sold all my paintball stuff and no longer play but I still watch these sometimes vids. No clue why,🧑‍🦽

  2. I’ve been spamming my friends with your videos to get them into paintball lol. I got one friend into it, one more to go!

  3. I wish your videos were more about educating people (like buying used) on the market and smart choices rather than just using them to market your website. You could be a real ambassador for the league but instead you’re just using your platform for personal profit.

    The Gardner Brothers would be proud of what you’re doing for paintball, and I’m sure a lot of people at LWP don’t know why that’s not a compliment.

    1. they have a store. why wouldn’t they promote it? you don’t have to buy the stuff you see on the screen you know, you can make your own choices. if they don’t sell used gear why would they educate you to go buy gear somewhere else? that just doesn’t make sense man. they have employees to pay, and mouths to feed just like the rest of us do, and this is one way of advertising for them. if it gets people into the sport it’s a good thing.

      comparing these guys to GB is laughable. if in 2 months there’s a WL (wolf-lone) paintball selling the exact same gear from a different address because lone wolf got sold to VC and went bankrupt then maybe we can start putting the 2 companies into the same bucket.

  4. The contender kit on ans gear you can get a 170 r a dye ltr and an empire 68/4500 for 1200 then add the mask and pod pack and probably come out a little under 1500

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