Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Lilliam

22 thoughts on “Community ; modern warfare(paintball) Senor Chang’s final scene (full) ( HD )”
  1. If it wasn’t for the quarantine I’d never have watched this show, so glad I did. Easily the best episode of a sitcom I have watched.

    1. honestly I think it gets better…
      then worse (but we don’t talk about season 4)
      then pretty damn good again.

  2. Chang’s class choices are this episode in microcosm: “critical media literacy” (the episode is a parody of action movie tropes) “and politics of gender” (Jeff and Britta just had sex for the first time)

    1. Damn even the deep inside jokes are funny as hell… thanks for explaining.

    1. @Ron T. Young Photography so he is dressed up as chow yun fat? not as scarface?

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