Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Police are adopting a surprising new weapon to use against protesters: paintball guns. The same kind used for fun and games are now being deployed to disperse crowds by police across the country. But with recreational paintball, players wear protective gear, especially for face and eye cover. Paintballs can cause permanent damage. We spoke to Jerry Braun of Paintball Sports New York about what kind of damage can be inflicted by a paintball on someone who is not wearing protection. #InsideEdition

15 thoughts on “Cops Use Paintball Guns During Protests”
  1. Police Officers ordering group of women to get insides but gets ignored then lights them up

  2. Light em up 0:28 haha You would think after being told to get inside multiple times, you would do it.

  3. I have an idea. Get rid of the paint ball guns and use real guns instead. that WILL PUT A STOP TO THESE MAGGOTS.

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