Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

It’s easy, just break into the bank, steal and jewels and make it to extraction point. Easy! VICE and Assassin’s Alliance go at it once again!

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20 thoughts on “CQB Paintball – The Bank Job”
  1. Did that last guy try to blind fire? 🙂
    Nobody wins in a blind fire.. Another awesome video

  2. CQB paintball is like having sex while camping… its F*** in-tense!!!! LOL

  3. 😳 Barrie Paintball is my home field. I love this map so much but it’s so hard brocade my friends are speedball players and I use a TMC

    1. @Literally Just Cursed Memes ahh I never run mags when others are running hoppers. not giving myself that much of a disadvantage in ammo.

  4. If anyone is wondering this is Barrie Paintball. It’s super fun and I recommend going if your in the area

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