Thu. May 26th, 2022

Do Frozen Paintballs Hurt More?
Tony once again explores the world of frozen paintballs. Fitz gets hit with frozen paintballs and unfrozen paintballs, then shares which hurt more.
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00:00 Intro
00:11 Frozen Paintballs in the Comments
00:34 Cutting Open a Unfrozen and Frozen Paintball
02:23 Inside a Frozen Paintball
02:31 Do Paintballs Freeze
02:44 Fitz Eats a Frozen Paintball
03:23 Do Frozen Paintballs Hurt More
03:33 Shooting UnFrozen Paintballs
04:22 Do Paintballs Hurt
04:59 Non-Frozen Paint Results
05:25 Shooting Frozen Paintballs
07:08 Do NOT Try This At Home
07:45 Do Frozen Paintballs Hurt More
08:07 Frozen Paintball Results

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    1. They are mostly made of polyethylene glycol, it gets a little thicker when cold but won’t freeze solid.

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