Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

By Ali

10 thoughts on “Dye DSR+ vs Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R Paintball Marker Comparison // Punisher’s Paintball”
  1. Call PE you get a British dude in their facility who’s built and serviced these markers from the ground up, loves and plays paintball, yet still gives you EXCELLENT cust service. call dye you get a typical cookie cutter cust service rep. Alot to be said for that…..caveat, I’m sure this is different if you’re a retailer.

  2. I like my dsr+ more than my 170r but it’s all really feeling if you know how to take care of your gun

  3. The dsr is buttery smooth and I prefer the feel over the 170r. Shooting a cs2 at the moment

  4. Good comparison. Planet markers all feel to fat to me. The luxe has always felt the best. I’d love to see a comparison between the dsr+ and the m3s. Seems like everyone likes the dsr better and yet the m3s is still the “flagship” id like to hear your thoughts on why that is.

  5. Not a must have or anything but adding to reliability, Eclipse also puts a water-resistant coating over their boards whereas Dye does not.

  6. Not a fan of PE and how they feel and shoot. I didn’t like the original dsr and how close the trigger guard was to the frame, and this vibration. But I will give the dsr+ a test run soon. 170r is vanilla and plain.

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