Thu. May 26th, 2022

Tony takes one of our best selling speedball packages out back and shows how well it shoots. Empire Axe 2.0, Dye LT-R, HK Army Aerolite, and a Virtue Vio Ascend. Get your Empire Axe 2.0 package here:

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By Shane

22 thoughts on “Empire Axe 2.0 Speedball Package Shooting Video | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan”
  1. Does anyone know how to decrease the Guage on the mini gs I want to put it to 190 or 195 psi.

    1. Rotate the screw on the front of the reg counter clockwise to decrease pressure and clockwise to increase pressure. Never set above 200

  2. Whoh now, I’m here in FL and it’s supposed to be high 30s Christmas night. Damn cold snap kicking in a few days…..up and down every week. One day 75 the next 45 then back to 80 3 days later.

  3. I have a paintball but i have two tanks but it dont have air cuz i dont know where they put some its a co2

  4. actually if you keep your axe2 greased correctly you can run axe 2 at much lower pressure mine is around 150 & my FPS did not drop actually going from 200 to 160 I actually had to turn velocity down indicating it was sweet spotted

  5. I have the 2.0 it’s an amazing gun I use as a back up or when I play with rentals but very very good 😌

  6. I just ordered this in acid wash purple/lime green after I cancelled my order for the blitz 3 lol. I can’t freaking WAITTT 😆

  7. I haven’t played in about 10 years but thinking about getting back into the sport. Which gun would you recommend the axe2.0 or rize csr???

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