Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Pretoria, October 9 — Two Centurion-based brothers claim they have created a non-lethal method of defence against potential burglars.
The paintball guns have been modified so people are able to easily maneuver with the weapon in their homes.
Riaan and Deon Coetzee say their gas guns are not as lethal as firearms but can stop a potential burglar from a safe distance, before the situation becomes life-threatening.

20 thoughts on “eNCA | Brothers Modify Paintball Guns for Self Defence”
  1. If anyone wants to do this there are a lot of guns that can be modified like this but the tippmann 98 is a tank and has a lot of mods

    1. You’re not modifying anything. Just purchase the rounds and max out your output on your paintball gun if you have that option.

    1. Why glass breakers on the eyes… Use riot rounds with riot CS powder filled they won’t be seeing anything.

    2. @Eat My Dust true dat! i was just feeling coy IDK LOL I always keep my 10mil handy tho

  2. Okay, from now on the intruders and riot zombies will make use of biker crash helmets and thick leather jackets and wow the defender is still in a checkmate position.

  3. Isolating yourself in a house (With a safe room or not) is a bad idea. Fighting around (walls and furniture) that will easily be penetrated by regular ammunition is going to be a problem for any paintball gun round…

    Some of these filled with gasoline would be pretty cool followed by some that are mixed with magnesium flakes😂

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