Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

By Rubin

19 thoughts on “Engler Tippmann Phenom MG 42 Paintball Machinegun”
  1. What is the price of one of these amazing looking guns at the current time, though you said it varies?

    1. @Truman Powell We currently have them listed at $1,995.00

    2. Tippmann Parts Jesus Christ….it’s
      Only a paintball gun….and yes I know it’s made out of real MG42 parts but for real….almost 2k to purchase it?? I think I speak for all of us when I say, we the people want to be able to have a light weight MG42 that we can run around and Carry it with no issues at all….and then you come out with a paintball version even MORE damn expensive than the airsoft version…Jesus Christ man.

  2. why did you weld the rails on the out side ?????????????? i understand that its a paint ball gun but to weld a internal part on the out side is beyond me

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