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By Shane

26 thoughts on “EPIC PAINTBALL! Community Reaction 1×23 ‘Modern Warfare’”
  1. Lots of references and imitation of old action movies like Predator, Die Hard, etc. in this episode. It is with this episode that Community truly takes off

  2. Ever since I was a child I always wanted to see someone shoot a bullet out of the air. Community is the only show/movie that fulfilled my wish.

    Such a legendary episode, there are lots of milestones in Community but you finally hit the first BIG one.

  3. “In war and love everything is allowed.”
    (Napoleon Bonaparte)

    What a nice study plan:
    Spanish/Psychologie/Criminal law/statistics/home economics/debate/sexuality/journalism/dance/billard/pottery/sail
    Modern warfare
    WTF? 😂

    There really are a lot of well-known movie references in this episode, but I love “come out to play-ayyy!” The Warriors (1979) 😁

    by the way:
    Who ever got a real paintball ball without protective clothing … outch 😫

    1. @DJDoena Oh man, I’m trying to think, what parts were the spoofs of 28 Days Later and The Fifth Element?

    2. @DJDoena I always thought about which movie the “chang style” is from? Definitely John Woo that I havent seen. (28 days later, I never saw hard boiled and wanted) –
      I love the background sound of Lost. Makes it so extremely funny.

    3. ​@SeeBee Chang’s scenes are from a whole bunch of stuff:
      His plea to enter the game: The Running Man
      His entrance/outfit: Hard Boiled
      The golden guns: From Face/Off, Nicolas Cage’s characters sported a pair of them
      His one-handed shooting: Scarface (Note: the one-handed shooting by Jeff in the dean’s office is the ending of First Blood)
      Bullet time is obviously The Matrix, but bullets hitting each other mid-air is Wanted with Angelina Jolie
      The cackling and self-blowing-up is Predator

    4. @DJDoena I mean the Outfit. Hard boiled, I never see, explains that. (The other stuff I know)
      Thanks for the answer 😊

  4. And THIS is why calling Community a sitcom is criminal. I don’t care it isn’t perfect, I don’t care how bad it got in its fourth season, it’s still better than the rest.

    1. @joão soares No one LOVES to hate on season 4, I only knows “fans” who HATE to hate on it, me included. It’s just not good, not good writing, you can tell the dudes in charge didn’t have a vision, that their humor didn’t fit the show, and that they had nothing to say (and the worst part is that I liked the show they made before, Happy Endings !). The actors made it watchable. And it’s coming from a fan who doesn’t idolize Harmon and was already complaining about the possible overdose of meta in season 3 when it aired.

    2. @SCharlesDennicon i disagree with you… i think that every community season has good episodes, and has good moments… i love each of them in a different way…

      like, even if you have a point in saying it is too different, being honest, so what? there are still some GREAT episodes in season 4 beyond, some VERY GOOD ones… wat matters is the good moments we enjoy while wattching, and all seasons were able to provide me with good moments.

      you know how many series out there.. literaly turn into crap? like the walking dead for example… where it gets to a point that pretty much no one can take it anymore? or game of thrones, same thing, coms to a point where pretty much almoust everyone hate what happens.

      with communty that nnever happened to me… i enjoy the progression regardless, i still have fun rewatching the episodes… even from season 4 and beyond, i cant say the same for MANY SHOWS i enjoyned at the beggining… this is what gives community an amazing “rewatchability” because i honestly dont feel betrayed at the end of the series… i feel happy, and this is a VERY HARD THING nowadays that almoust ever series have a shitty ending.

    3. @Robert Corbett Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 are laughing in your face at that comment.

    4. @Silva Surfa I binge watched that years ago. Was barely worth finishing. Just a few months after watching it all i couldn’t remember hardly any of it. Very forgetable.

  5. There’s a reason all of the action sequences in this episode are so legit.

    Justin Lin, the director of this episode, also directed episodes 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9 of the Fast & Furious movies, as well as two untitled Fast & Furious movies coming up.

    Which brings me to my question, have you seen all of the Fast & Furious movies and would you maybe give those a watch some time? At the very least, the original ‘triology’?

  6. we’re here boys, the moment we all been waiting for XD when this series got a “kick” up and started growing more powerful than ever

  7. This is the best episode of Season 1.
    2) Naked Billiards
    3) Christmas
    4) Halloween
    5) Chicken Fingers

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