Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Carrol

19 thoughts on “Getting a NUKE with the *FREE* PAINTBRUSH GUN! | Roblox Big Paintball”
  1. Also I haven’t likes finished watching your video I’m one minute and 25 seconds in and you haven’t gotten a free gun yet but just so you know it’s really good everyone who’s like a beginner has it I mean also me and it’s I use it sometimes but mostly the internal rival snowball gun unicorn gun

  2. Not link, The days of triple nukes is not over, in safe house my record is 691, times that by 2 thirds and you can even get a quad nuke.

    1. @Not_Liink You know the trick to get inside of their spawn? well When ever they stopped being aggressive I would use that trick. And on bridge 2021 its possible to use the armored sentry to block off all spawns. highest I got with that was 560 something. Also I got the shattered winter riffle, Coolest looking gun in the game, you should get it and do a vid on it. weird thing is the paintbrush gun goes just as far if not farther than the shattered winter riffle.

  3. It’s honestly so hard to get nukes now since more kills are needed and there is a shorter time to get

  4. this girl deserves more views,subs,likes,and comments! YOU HAVE GREAT CONTENT keep up the great work!

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