Thu. May 26th, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Getting lucky on a run through – Gameplay Commentary”
  1. YES MORE OF THIS. Not you specifically, but damn near all the paintball content I’ve been getting is just marketing for products I’m never gonna get. More gameplay, less 10 minute ads(LW, ANS, Pun)

    1. He’s got a video on the ultimate emek build which is what he’s using in this video

  2. You give great commentary Brad, I would happily watch more gameplay video. And that run through was legendary!!

  3. I usually like the bigger fields, you have more guys and can take more risks, loved the game play boss, keep bringing it

  4. Best place to order paint online ? Ordered some valken and most of it was greasy and one box was broken.

  5. Also so glad to see you playing man. Maybe you should take some time and Come play with followers in some other states

  6. Love the emek play man I’ve been running the m170r and I dust guys with my mechanical and SAVE PAINT DOING IT!

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