Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

How many of us can say our first tournament and first point were filmed? Not very many, but lucky for Ray Corson of the University of Texas, our cameras were rolling and captured just that. But the story gets better. Who can say they won a 1v1 versus their rival, Texas A&M and got to hang the flag? Looks like, Ray can.

Filmed at the NCPA college paintball event held in Houston, Texas.

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14 thoughts on “Girls of Paintball: University of Texas’ Rachel Corson Wins 1v1 at NCPA College Paintball”
  1. So I saw a comment saying that “girls are vicious in paintball” and decided to se it for myself

  2. Hate to be that guy and I know it’s just paintball but damn she flagged/muzzled the shit out of her teammate lol

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