Thu. May 26th, 2022

This is the Gladiator II paintball sentry from Project Sentry Gun. This sentry is fully autonomous – there is no human controlling it.

After the World Maker Faire in NY, I will be selling this sentry via private auction.

For this video, I didn’t load the paintball gun with paintballs because I didn’t want to splatter the whole yard, but next time I bring it to a paintball field I’ll get some video there.

By Michael

14 thoughts on “Gladiator II Paintball Sentry Gun”
  1. Automated sentry guns featured in Aliens (Special Edition) and that movie was made in 1986.

  2. I saw this years ago and this ended up being my inspiration to make an airsoft version. This is the first time I’ve seen it since at least 2013. Thanks for making this.

  3. I actually want this on my property to fire none lethal rounds at anyone who jumps over my gate, Somthing that would really hurt bad enough to make them go down but not enough to kill them

  4. It needs to have pepper and nylon paintballs it needs to have the ability to shoot faster and after that I want to buy a couple of them for my hallways and staircases

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