Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Unlocking the “Paintball Mode” cheat on Dam Secret Agent under 2:40. Follow these videos if you’re having trouble unlocking GoldenEye cheats and you should have them with a bit of practice in no time. With the 00 Agent cheats completed, only the Secret Agent and Agent cheats are left to complete. I can’t think of any that could offer a challenge, but I’ll still complete all of them to have a full guide playlist.

System: Real N64 Hardware UltraHDMI – NTSC
Capture card: AVerMedia GC573
Controller: Original N64 controller with a Grade A SteelBowl from SteelSticks64.
Settings: No auto-aim, 1.2 controller scheme, 16:9.
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By Mack

18 thoughts on “GoldenEye 007 – Unlocking “Paintball Mode” Cheat – Dam Secret Agent”
  1. Yo Graslu! Have you considered doing a revisited livestream of Doom 64 EX? It’d be interesting how things would work out if you played on pistol start or things like that.

    1. Didn’t consider it no, but I do play on doing the original DOOM some day. Just need to refresh the secrets again.

  2. Paintball mode is silly, but I don’t use it very often. It works a lot better in Perfect Dark, as there it even affects the blood.

  3. love me some gameplay with paintball mode on, hope we can see a funny cheats level play-through one day in the new year Agent 00G!

    1. DK Mode most likely.
      This Runway cheat is unlockable on Agent, and has a very generous “Target” time (5 minutes).

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