Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

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By Carrol

15 thoughts on “Grill 2.0 Review: Hopefully they didn’t mess this up”
  1. I quit paintball 6 years ago. Tried to pass down to my kids. They never got interested but I still watch this channel.

  2. Hands down the best product reviews in the industry. I wish there were enough of us in the community that you could make this a full time job. In the mean time thanks for the honest and down to earth product review

  3. in my experience, the rubber ripping where the strap goes through the ear is INCREDIBLY common. i own two right now that are missing the plastic that sits between the strap and your head. thats a great update imo.

  4. I love that I can take the foam off my vio and toss it in the washing machine. Also appreciated that I could buy new foam when I bought my first mask used.

  5. If only someone would open a dang park near my house. I got a expensive set up and nearest park is an hour away

    1. You think so? I disagree. Barely any difference, if at all. Edit: I pre-ordered one. Hoping it would replace my CMD as I like the look better. I ended up just giving the Grill 2.0 away to a friend. I wanted it to be better than the Grill but if it was, I didn’t notice it at all.

  6. Great and thorough review as always. I really like my Grillz. I have a small head and they fit very well. The only complaint that I do have with them is the echo. I find I need to project my voice more than on my E-Flexes. But all around always been happy with the Grillz mask.

  7. Recently I purchased a CMD and Push Unite in an attempt to replace my Grillz. Neither one of them fit correctly and honestly I think the Grillz feels like it is made better. So far every “high end” mask I have bought feels like its going to fall apart in comparison. I think I have decided to get an E-flex or the 2.0.

  8. I think they could have improved the original grillz with the snap in foam and made the ventilation better. Just some small improvements on the original grillz instead of a over all outer build. I agree the soft ears tend to tear or fray over extended use. Its an improvement but… it could of been improved on the original grillz.

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