Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

By Reita

15 thoughts on “Grind Paintball Magazine- Emerging Underground- Volume I”
  1. regardless of how over used this is, i still love it when people insult him simply because he sounds like a Disney princess when he sings

  2. Why? I’m not disagreeing with you because I love paintball, but why is airsoft for pussies?

  3. nice speech bro. was about to fast foward it but i heard some sense and listened

  4. You have never played airsoft with us in Guernsey then… Old WW2 German bunker, CTF games usually last about 10mins. Airsoft with paintball style game play.

  5. I don’t like airsoft ’cause the man who played this hobbies are too “crazy” about that, replic, suit… It’s not the REAL war, just a FUCK*NG HOBBIE!
    Paintball is a sport, airsoft a hobbie.

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