Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

SVP Paintball (ZeakinHD) shares why he thinks paintball players should play Halo Infinite to prepare for the 2022 NXL Paintball Season.

In my experience, Halo has had a tremendous effect on my growth as a paintball player. Having played both competitive Halo and Paintball for roughly 16 years, believe me when I say that there are plenty of things Paintball players can learn from competitive Halo. A few things that Halo has helped me develop that have transfered over to paintball are:
1 – Halo has helped me with my multistaking skills
2 – Halo taught me how to predict my opponents
3 – Halo has built my overall awareness.

Of course you should maintain and improve upon your physical fitness and athleticism during the offseason, but consider me serious when I say that Halo is one of THE BEST ways to prepare for the next paintball season.

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0:00 – The Best Way To Prepare For Paintball Is To Play Halo
0:43 – Paintball and Halo Teach Similar Lessons
1:07 – Halo Improves Your Multitasking
2:23 – Halo Teaches You How To Predict Your Opponents
4:51 – Halo Builds Awareness
5:49 – Now Is The Time To Play Halo During The Paintball Offseason

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5 thoughts on “Halo Made Me Better At Paintball”
    1. rainbow six siege, it taught me to keep tabs on how many people are alive, what they are going to do with that many people and how to predict them.

    2. @Austin Held that’s awesome! I’ve only played siege a few times, but I’m sure there’s a LOT that transfers over. Thanks for sharing!

  1. This is some really great content, and spot on. Clear examples that totally prove your point. Even in just the most basic sense, video games like Halo keep my reflexes sharp and quick. Super cool! Thanks SVP.

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