Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

HK Army SABR vs Tippmann Cronus – Paintball Marker Comparison
Tony and Fitz compare the HK Army SABR to the Tippmann Cronus to see which is a better starter marker.

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00:00 Intro
00:18 PB Swag Bag
00:32 Prices
00:44 Barrels
01:25 Air Line / Hoses
02:05 Shot Tested
02:35 In the Boxes
03:53 Grips
04:30 Ball Detents
05:07 Adjust Velocity
05:36 Accessory Rails
06:12 Cleaning / Bolt Removal
06:41 Triggers
06:54 Safety
07:15 Feed Neck
07:40 Durability
08:20 Barrel Porting
08:36 Air Efficantcy
08:42 Upgrades
09:10 Closing

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By Mack

20 thoughts on “HK Army SABR vs Tippmann Cronus – Paintball Marker Comparison | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan”
  1. Bought both of these this weekend to get my wife and daughter into paintball and got to play a game with both. The Sabr is the worst gun i’ve ever played with. So inconsistant. Tried different barrels including a Freak kit and just no. Couldnt hit a barn door 20 fee away. Thinking the Cronus was a better buy, I played a game with that and couldnt get fps above 250. If the velocoty screw was turned out any further it would just burp and fart. Tried a different brand air bottle (Tippmann) incase it didnt like the Ninja valve on the other and no difference. Buy an Azodin or Spyder. These both suck.

    1. back in my day (i’m just getting back into paintball after a 20 year hiatus) we had to run high-pressure systems to get stuff to work properly. perhaps that’s the issue? i know my tanks these days i’ve got set to 450psi but there’s no way my old mag would’ve run on that.

    2. @thegrafxguy 3D That was my thoughts and so bought a Tippmann bottle. Was also returning after a ten year hiatus- dug out my old 68 pro-cabine. Oil, then 290,290,291,289,285,290. That thing is still awesome 🙂

  2. Do a video on the spider Victor vs The saber shooting comparison which one shoots better or which one shoots faster

    1. They both have adjustable FPS so they can shoot the same speed and the hk will be more accurate because of the better barrel on it

  3. We got a sabr in at our field and test fired it, louder than fuck, broke 10 of 600 balls, double fed 16, and the backpressure into the hopper was ridiculous. If it’s your thing go for it, but I wouldn’t suggest it

  4. I would’ve been a little bit impressed if HK actually created the saber but its just another rebrand like everything they do

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