Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

HK Army Shocker Amp @ NXL World Cup 2021
Henry show Tony and you the HK Army Shocker Amp with custom milling and Luxe features. Get your HK Army markers at:

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00:00 Intro
00:15 Overview Starts
00:21 Luxe Tool Less Eye Covers
00:31 Luxe Lever ASA
00:36 Snatch Grip
00:40 New Trigger Guard and Trigger
00:44 Modified Front Grip
00:57 New Back Cap
01:11 Top Milling
01:20 Custom Feed Neck Lever
01:33 Mechanical Frame Capable
01:50 Hit’um with the H
01:56 Closing

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  1. I have a question abt the empire mini gs so I bought it off your website like 2 years ago came with 1 piece barrel just wondering were I could get the new 2 piece barrel

    1. afaik they dont sell the stock 2 piece barrel, nor would most people recommend getting that if you could anyway.

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