Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

HK Army Shocker Amp vs Planet Eclipse Geo 4 | Paintball Gun Comparison
Tony and Fitz debate which paintball marker is better. It’s the Planet Eclipse Geo 4 versus the HK Army Shocker Amp. Which do you like more?
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00:00 Intro
00:22 PB Swag Bag
00:33 Prices
00:50 Barrels
01:40 Milling and Front Grip
02:15 Batteries
02:50 Eye Covers
03:26 Feednecks
04:26 More Milling
04:53 Bolt and Operating Pressure
06:21 SFR – Solenoid Flow Restrictor
06:39 Grip Frame
07:22 Programing Buttons and Screen
07:42 Triggers
07:55 Grips
08:13 ASA
08:49 Velocity Adjustment
09:31 Where to Buy
09:39 Closing

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5 thoughts on “HK Army Shocker Amp vs Planet Eclipse Geo 4 | Paintball Gun Comparison | Lone Wolf Paintball”
  1. I got to admit, I don’t know which of the two I like more because I have had both in my hands and they both are very comfortable to shoot and play with in different ways. I love how the Geo 4 feels in the hands, and I especially like the feeling and positioning of the front grip of it, but I also like the small and the sleekness of the amp but the front grip of the new HK version really appeals to me because I have my grip on my Bob long V is taped up and modified to allow me to sink my index finger into the top of the grip under the barrel just like the HK so it feels very familiar to me. As I said I love these markers equally for different reasons, great markers to play with. 🙂

  2. Just got a dolphin fade AMP now I might get the HK Army version in a few months, really liking it.

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