Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

HK Army Shocker Amp vs SP Shocker Amp | Paintball Gun Comparison
Tony compares the original SP Shocker Amp to the HK Army Shocker Amp. Which do you like more? OG or HK? Order the Shocker Amp from the best source for paintball:

PB Swag Bag
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00:00 Intro
00:28 PB Swag Bag
00:51 Barrel
01:10 Milling
01:50 Front Grip
02:43 Eye Covers
03:10 Feedneck and Lever
03:50 More Milling
04:32 Bolt Cap
04:57 Trigger
05:33 Snatch Grip
06:11 Trigger Frame
06:54 ASA
07:20 Operating Pressure and Internals
07:43 Quick Overview of Changes
08:54 Prices
09:08 Closing

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By Dannie

8 thoughts on “HK Army Shocker Amp vs SP Shocker Amp | Paintball Gun Comparison | Lone Wolf Paintball”
  1. Nice to see this is more than just a fancy milling job. Upgrades to the fore-grip, trigger frame, and ASA are good to see.

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