Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

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By Ali

19 thoughts on “Homemade Pepper Spray/Paintball Land Mine”
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    1. put these all over your yard and fill them with deer piss… someone trespasses and you can smell them from a mile away

    2. @Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming you mean like replacing paint with high proof alcohol and providing an ignition source noooooo nobody has put that together

  2. Normally, you only reset the injury counter for OSHA reportable injuries.
    Scratches are not reportable.

  3. Whoever mounted that vice with the handle against the table needs to be fired lol

  4. This is essentially just a video lesson on how to construct a gas mine. The good thing about plastic mines is that they are a lot harder to detect using conventional means, such as metal detectors and similar devices. Though, when making a gas mine, you are gonna have to use some metal to store the gas canister in. But when using plastique explosives you can make a decent landmine using little to no metal parts.

  5. … *Theoretically,* this could be modified a bit to make a lobbed spray canister. I think.

  6. in the thumbnail brian having a different background and being behind a foreground makes him seem like a magic genie in the center that cory and jason are both surprised at lol

  7. This thing looks like the “shaving cream” Dodson gives the fat guy to smuggle the dinosaur embryos in jurassic park

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