Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Soup’s back again with that signature paintball life story content
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  1. I had to leave my first paintball team a couple of years back because i was trying to get better and expand my paintball knowlage and get better. My goal in all of this was to get better and keep grinding my way to higher divisions. It was super hard to leave cause they taught me the basics and i tried super hard to stay with them but they didnt want to progress and my goals were not matching what they wanted so at the end i decided to part ways with them and find a new crew. And now i play NXL, MVPS and any tournament i can go to. Change isnt always bad its just hard sometimes! Hope this helps someone out if you guys are going thru the same thing.

  2. Love when you do story time. . . An also glad you stud your ground as a player you have to have integrity

  3. I’ve had a very similar incident. One of our guys will a master of the dive Wipe. If you don’t know what that is you haven’t played enough paintball. Another one of our players started calling him out about doing that, I feel like an asshole having to pull the guy a side and tell him don’t say shit like that in front of people. If you have a big problem with what he’s doing talk to him privately not on the field in front of everybody. You better treat a team like a family. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there’s ever an excuse for lighting up somebody on the sidelines. Every team I’ve ever been associated with would have held him down and let you punch him. And nothing sucks worse than being on a team where no one really cares if you’re there, but we’ve always taking an attitude of if you’re not good enough to be on the main roster we all want to help you get good enough.

  4. Sounds like Kyle’s ego is bigger than his brain is. You did the right thing calling him out whether he was your teammate or not.

    1. This was a boatload of drama when it went down but I don’t regret the call out post on Facebook. I actually ran in to the most talented player from that line at an event and he validated that everything I said in this video was the got dang truth

  5. My most recent day out to the rec field I had a guy who, for whatever reason wasn’t just cheating but way, WAY beyond not calling his outs. He was one of those berserker players who would run straight at the enemy team and didn’t care how many times he got shot along the way.
    Finally, being fed up with his nonsense, even telling him several times on and off the field to call his hits, I kind’ve lost it and maxed out my ROF and ramping for the last game of the day against this moron. Waited for the precise moment and got a bead on him, waiting for his inevitable run of glory. Racked out at least 60 balls during his run and landed probably half. He was heated but gave me this look like, “yeah I know I’ve been wiping all day” and walked off the field hahaha.

  6. I left my team recently because they’d come up with elaborate plans, lines, breakouts then go play the events drunk, not follow anything and get 12/16.

  7. so every video is just you talking over some footage? over 10 min every video on your channel of this
    its too much, no offense, but i just cant take that much, its too much

    1. Not every video is a life story. Sometimes I just talk for a minute or two on the intro. Sometimes I don’t talk at all.

    2. @WillBallForSoup i dont mean to be so critical, youre a content creator and i appreciate what you do, ive just watched a few and ive seen the same from every video

  8. You’re stories are brilliant man I love these vids. So entertaining 👌👌🔥🔥

    1. Thanks bro! Sometimes they do well in terms of views sometimes they get ignored. I’m going to keep grinding either way. Tell a friend about the channel it really helps.

    2. @WillBallForSoup I’m just getting back into paintball after 4 years, as soon as I get down to my local field in the U.K. in a couple weeks I’ll be telling all my boys about your Chanel for sure. Keep going my man your vids are so relatable.

  9. WOW… It’s like you’re the “Taylor Swift” of paintball.. Life lessons from paintball. Who would’ve thought there’d be so much drama.

    You need a good hug to get it all out.. Time has not healed your wounds. The part where you emphatically say, “I really don’t care” your voice was on the verge of cracking.. Lols.. It’s just paintball dude.

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