Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Is Paintball Expensive? Doesn’t have to be!
Tony answers the question, Is Paintball Expensive? Like many hobbies, paintball can cost a little or a lot, but watch the video to hear Tony’s take on the subject. Check out our packages of all price points at:

PB Swag Bag
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00:00 Intro
00:16 PB Swag Bag
00:29 Is Paintball Expensive?
00:36 No Paintball is Not Expensive
01:35 Other Activities Cost Just as Much
02:36 Getting into Paintball with an Inexpensive Package
03:27 Owning Reduces Field Costs
03:40 Other Hobbies Cost as Much or More
04:22 Owning Equipment Pays for Itself Eventually
04:36 Paintball can be Expensive
05:31 Tony Answers, Is Paintball Expensive
05:50 Closing

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By admin

7 thoughts on “Is Paintball Expensive? Doesn’t have to be! | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan”
  1. If you’re field allows you to bring outside paint then I reccomend looking for the best price online for paint. You can find some paint on ans for like 35 40 a case saves u 20 bucks which can go towards you’re entry fee. If you already own you’re own gear of course but I recommend trying it out first see if you like it before you commit to buying all the bells and whistles

  2. I hate that my field only allows there paint to make some money but the paint is trash and it seems kinda bad for my marker

    1. ask them to buy better paint for the high end guys. most wont care as long as they get there markup to keep the field going.

  3. I bet those $1500 dollar markers cost about $500 max to make. This sport is extremely expensive and not needed. They want the sport to grow, but yet it keeps getting more expensive every year. Definitely a wealthy person sport

  4. Every field around me in New York and the surrounding states all mandate their own field paint only. They all charge $70 – $100 a case (that you can get for $30-$40 from the retailers) ontop of most of them charging for entry and air $35 – $50 if you bring your own gear.
    Its hard to get friends to come and try the sport out when they need a minimum of $150 to just play for one day let alone convince them to come back.

  5. My everyday setup is over $2000, but when I go to the fields people are having the same amount of fun with a 400 dollar setup. It doesn’t matter what you have it’s all meant for fun at the end of the day

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