Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

It’s always difficult to walk the line between confidentiality and getting in demand information to the people. I wish all the best to @ Lord_Mangiore and am hopefully we will see a new NPPL sooner rather than later. -Soup


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By Dannie

  1. I know personally the NPPL was around in 98, I believe it had been for a couple of years at least. At that point it was 10 man and had a similar schedule to the nxl. There were something like 6-8 pro teams, an amateur a, and amateur b classification. It was uncapped semi, no paint limits and included airball, woods ball, and hyperball. Generally each team played 2 games on each field. The pro teams played the amateur a teams, so playing aftershock was something that just happened some tournaments. Initially the bunkers were pretty similarly sized to the can today, there was no brick or x I believe. (These we’re the first airball fields and even had “airtubes” that you had to step over, running from a compressor that was always on, and always loud.

    1. Confirmed OG right here. Thanks for dropping this info on the leagues history before I came around in 06/7

  2. I really like the NPPL format. I liked the fact that the team’s communication was a big part of it rather than a coach telling you where everyone was at. The uncapped semi was one of the better parts too. A great back guy with good communication and the ability to roll their gun was a snake player’s best friend. I hope it sticks around for good this time.

  3. This is great.. I was blessed to play in the NPPL at the World Cup back in 2004…. It was a great experience. I truly hope this is legit especially for us old timers haha. excellent video.

  4. That was almost the perfect example of how to calmly handle a gun problem mid point. I’ll bet that guy is cool as ice when playing alongside.

  5. Dude. NPPL was the shit. I love uncapped. It made the game HARD as fuck. Overshooting penalties weren’t really a thing. That’s the style of game I earned my stripes in.
    Lol. You said maybe you shoot one of the pros. You got a story. I would have a story if I shot the bunker Mikey, yosh, ryan, or Marcello was behind. 🤣

  6. Nppl and pan-am formats were so good.
    Loved pan-am with blind layouts with hyperball, mounds, and woods mixed in

  7. Hb? Hmm. Hb banned paintball. But it would be nice again. Nppl over nxl any day. And hb is hks baby. I’m sure dynasty has a part of it. They’ve been investing a lot lately. As for knop it’s pronounced nop.

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