Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Spyder is proud to announce the release of the Opus Low Impact Paintball Rental Program. Please call your Sales Representative for product details and to place your order.

Low Impact Paintball:
Our mission is to grow paintball by providing consumers of all shapes, sizes, gender and abilities an experience that provides the adrenalin rush and inner competitive spirit of the highest levels of competitive paintball. Most importantly it provides the consumer an experience that ends in a splat. Not everyone is ready to step onto the .68 caliber field, but thru low impact paintball, more people are likely to take the first step in their personal paintball journey. With a compact, lightweight, rugged design, at reduced velocity the equipment is perfect for younger people, corporate groups, and women. With layered playing opportunities between SplatMaster, Low Impact, and traditional 68 caliber paintball, we as an industry have the ability to bring in new players and provide a memorable experience that keeps them coming back for more.
• Lightweight and easy to maneuver for players of all ages
• High air efficiency with over 600 shots on a 13ci tank
• Foregrip expansion chamber
• Quick release bolt
• 10″ micro ported barrel
• All aluminum body and grip frame construction
• Rental yellow non-slip rubber grip panels
• Double finger trigger
• Operates on compressed air

8 thoughts on “Low Impact Paintball – The Answer”
  1. Is it the bullets or the paintball gun because I am going to cpx in a week so I was wondering if I should bring my paintball gun is it the bullets what does low impact or gun?

    1. it’s the FPS or Feet Per Second that make it low impact. 220 FPS most indoor ranges 300 FPS Outdoor and Tourney… and 100-150 Fps Low impact. The Ball size has a factor as well

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