Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Meet the Coalition! Teams from all around the USA have banded together to create an unstoppable force. Playing alongside these teams is seriously a blast! Check out all of their channels and socials!


Team Swarm
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▶️ YouTube Swarm:

The 13th Legionnaires

Mutant Paintball 313
▶️ YouTube

▶️ Facebook

Cleveland Iron League
▶️ YouTube

▶️ Facebook

Mitten Tactical Paintball
▶️ Facebook

Cold Assassins
▶️ Facebook

AOAT Paintball
▶️ Facebook

Grim Reapers Scenario Paintball
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7 thoughts on “Meet The Paintball Coalition | A True Force to Be Reckoned With!”
  1. CORRECTION: The coalition was created by swarm, mutant, and 13th Legionaries! Hope you guys enjoyed and make sure to comment your thoughts and questions

  2. 👍love the video and the support brother feel free to stop by and say hey at our tents at any event also keep up the great work spreading the love of paintball!

  3. Ok this is actually a really cool idea. I have played ay hell survivors, whiteriver, prz, and others around and all of the teams always seem to really good. I can only imagine what they will be like when they all come together

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