Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Watching two very fast moving objects smack together at high speeds is very satisfying to watch. That’s the main reason Gav and Dan made this video.
Don’t try without goggles and that. Be safe. Be slow.
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2nd Channel!

Shot on the Phantom V2511 at 28,500fps
Mid-air Paintball Collisions in Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

By Doloris

14 thoughts on “Mid-air Paintball Collisions in Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys”
  1. this could’ve been cooler if the green paintball would’ve had green paint in it, still top class

  2. really? I just wanna see how two pb balls collide, why I should watch about 10 min of useless video? use a timecode please

  3. Any chance of doing a slow mo on humanity being privatized?

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