Sun. Jan 16th, 2022
14 thoughts on “My 1st Paintball Game in over 15 Years!”
  1. Man i love this shit. It would be awesome to see u try some milsim airsoft with the angry army

  2. Yo, a paintball gun with a mag? I’ve been out of the game too long. I was like “look at this noob, he forgot his hopper.”

  3. Should of had an enemy wearing a CD Projekt Red sign, one wearing an EA sign and another wearing an Activision sign… would of been perfect.

  4. Joe you gotta fucking react to x defiant man ubisoft has gone and done it and made the most generic poopy shooter ever

  5. Seems just BORING.
    You wait until they stop shooting, then you shoot hoping you will hit a dumb guy that is not covered…
    Absolutely not interesting.

  6. May I suggest a Angry army paintball event. Joe vs oj vs. Alex own personal armies it could raise money for charity and fund the show??? Just a idea.

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