Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Reita

20 thoughts on “*NEW* WINTER UPDATE!! GUNS + MAPS + GAMEMODES + MORE!! | Roblox Big Paintball”
    1. Hi omg i love you so mutch um i think that you chude uuuh do the free gun idk um byebye not_liink love you

    2. Which winter pack gun should we buy cuz it’s too expensive, we can’t afford all .

    1. The guns you get will be permanent! But they will only be available to purchase for a limited time. The game modes will stay!

  1. I wanna buy the discount for the winter pack, but it’s in the pre-release. Will my account in the og big paintball, will the gun I buy in the pre-release show in the regular big paintball? Cause I don’t wanna waste robux 😢

  2. I haven’t seen you for ages I’ve been here since 12k you’ve grown a lot keep up the great work

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