Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Paintball under the lights instantly makes you feel like a kid again. There’s something magical about playing paintball surrounded by darkness. It reminded me of when I was a little guy playing playing football and baseball under the lights. It sincerely makes paintball feel a whole lot closer to all the other sports we love to obsess over. Paintball FIT is too much fun.

As a relatively new person to the sport, something that’s always been difficult for me has been remaining consistent. Paintball is a “weekend warrior” sport which means it’s played mostly on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. As an indie filmmaker, almost all of my projects are filmed on weekends. One of my favorite parts about nightball at Paintball FIT is that it gives you an opportunity to play paintball twice during the week. Every Wednesday and Friday from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. There’s waters in the pits, snacks in the shop, and all the paint you can shoot is pre-loaded on the field for you.

Nightball at Paintball FIT was also my first experience playing hopper ball. I really enjoy the nuances between shooting 200 paintballs a point vs. emptying your pod pack. The limited paint format forces you to see the game in an entirely different light. Cannot wait to continue trying new versions of paintball. Have so much to catch up on.

This episode is presented by Hydra Fit

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT STEWART! Thanks for everything brother.

Filmed By:
Dylan Fout (@The Place For Things )

Edited By:
Dylan Fout (@The Place For Things )

If you, your team, or your company are looking to collaborate – please do feel free to reach out. We have so many ideas and only the best of intentions for the sport. Would love to hear your story!

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19 thoughts on “Nightball at Paintball Fit (Episode 15)”
  1. HARDLY BELIEVE WE’RE ON EPISODE 15 ALREADY 🍿 this series has been so much fun. thank you so much for watching. paintball truly is “the greatest sport on planet earth”

    1. isn’t that unreal? makes it look like a spaceship when you’re driving up to the field. it’s so cool to play under. paintball fit is amazing

  2. Sick video bro! Got a couple of me in the video which is super dope! Can’t wait for more night ball @ paintball fit!

    1. Thank you bro!!! appreciate you letting me throw a camera in your face. nightball is so much fun. gotta ask you some questions next time we’re both there. will ya remind me?

    2. @The Place For Things yessir without a doubt! Def for the time being I’ll be there Wednesday nights. And some sundays or saturdays! Shoot you soon brother! Or wait you’ll probably shoot me first 😂

    3. @The Place For Things that’s a long streak down the field for my fat ass but may your wish be granted 😂

    1. thank you ✂️ one of my favorites in the series so far. can’t wait to own a zoom lens to upgrade the game play angles

    1. it feels like going to Fenway park or like lambeu field. it’s crazy. nightball is so exciting. where do you play at?

    2. @Porter always wanted to play a 5 alive there. my roommate Scott played there before and loved it.

    1. thanks a ton bro 🍿 I have three more episodes ready to go! next bunker to bunker is with Ronnie Dizon on Houston heat 🔥 then it’ll be the Texas state championship tournament and the star series tournament

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